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Rawz was assigned the story It's A Two-Way Street.

I started by reading the story several times, and making notes. I was also sent an audio recording which I listened to a lot while trying to boil the story down and find the essence of it. I felt that although it isn't romantic in the traditional sense, at it's core this is a story about love. I decided that it would be nice to present the narrative almost as a children's fairy tale or fable as I felt that there is a strong moral in the story that everyone should be able to listen to. 


The windows in the story are a metaphor for the invisible barriers that prevent people from connecting spiritually; be they prejudice, social media, fear, disease or anything else. They pick up the dust and dirt thrown up by our environments and cloud our view of the world if we don't pay attention to keeping them clean. The road and the traffic represent our busy lives and the constant streams of information that distract us from the human connections that are often right in front of us waiting to be made. This piece is about overcoming those obstacles by having the courage to reach out to give and receive love.

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Written and Performed by Rawz

Recorded at In-Spire Sounds Studios, Oxford

Instrumental composed by King Boyden & Rawz

Mixed by King Boyden & Rawz

Video Directed by Samuel Mansell & Rawz

Shot by Samuel Mansell

Edited by Samuel Mansell & Rawz


The traffic flowed between them

He was alone

On his side of the road

Between walls of stone

He watched the empty space

That cast a pale light on his face

Though he only felt its shadow

On the other side of the road

Rows of windows

Blinds closed

Each one a home

From one

She watched the world

Through the glow

From her screen

As it gave her, her mornings news feed

And she hoped she would feel less lonely.

On the other side of the road

He too had the same hope

A scar still gaped where his heart once broke

Until the last door closed

And he was alone

He never looked at the window

On the other side of the road

The road where the traffic flowed between

Two people

With the same need

On the other side of the street

She was alone

Each window in sight unique

But Shut tight

The people behind sheltering

From dark skies

Hiding from a harsh climate

When a friend’s hard to find

But one can be found

In these times

By deciding to be kind

A little ray of sunshine

She reached out

Towards a space between the clouds

And felt sun

He reached out the same and their stories became one

He saw that inside

Behind the closed blinds

They were the same

Behind the invisible barrier

She saw they had the same heart

When she waved through the window

That kept them apart

Highlighting the dust and the scuff marks

He waved back from a two way street

Where the traffic no longer flowed between them

It flowed back and forth

And they both gave gifts

And walked together

One day

In the sunshine

When the windows were open wide


When she waved through the window

That kept them apart

He gave her a gift direct from his heart

And it started to heal

And he started to feel

Part of the planet

Not parted by traffic

And the tension relaxed

And he got love back

When he gave love

And he got love back

When he gave love

And he got love back

When he gave love

Then the world changed from the ground up

From the pavement

To the nation

To the whole of creation

He gave love

And he got love back

When he gave love

And he got love back


It’s a two way street

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