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Kate Aries

Kate was assigned the story The Need To Keep Apart Is Bringing Us Together.

Following on from her first series inspired by life in these unprecedented times, Kate responded creatively to a real account of a person enduring life in Oxford during the first few months of lockdown.  

Kate has depicted imagery representative of the story alongside photos of doors taken around Oxfordshire. Kate was drawn to use doors in this series as they hold lots of meaning as well as making reference to the road described in the account and drawing on the notion that this project offers a glimpse of what’s behind closed doors. 

Through Pride the rainbow has come to stand for something hopeful and positive as well as now paying tribute to the medic personnel. The series features bright multi-coloured backgrounds in reference to this, as a documentation of this extraordinary time where now, more than ever, we need art to enhance our connections with others and mutual understanding in our differences. 

Kate Aries | Website | Instagram | Twitter

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