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What have we learned?

Over the course of the first lockdown, we used the storytelling evaluation methodology to collect the stories of 32 people involved in Oxford Together – a volunteer programme which set out to help those in need during Covid-19. This report reflects the key learning which came out of a participatory analysis of the stories with local people and national partners. It looks at what happened and why, through the stories and voices of the people involved. In particular, it draws out 6 key priorities for sustaining the changes and improved ways of working engendered by Oxford Together’s response to Covid-19: 

  1. We need to invest in relationships 

  2. The small things matter 

  3. Collaboration is key 

  4. We need to support less-hierarchical decision making  

  5. We need to be creative and take risks  

  6. We need to empower local groups, communities and volunteers. 


As we enter a second national lockdown, we hope this report is a timely reminder of all that we have learned and need to hold onto.

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