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Philippa James

Philippa was assigned the story The Power That Each Individual Holds.

The story ‘The Power That Each Individual Holds,’ is about a woman whose whole life path changed during lockdown due to her new found love and passion for working in the local community.  To capture the essence of this story in one photograph I decided to use multiple layers of photographs not only to express movement and busyness of team work, but to reveal the passion, the reward and all those unspoken bits in-between that you feel when being a part of doing work for the greater good.  Bright colours were also used to emphasis the love, passion and over all feeling of satisfaction when working together to help others.  I chose women who play very active roles in the Oxford community to be in the photograph, all who have felt that affection and dedication that the storyteller shares.  The women in the photograph are Laura Stewart, a DPhil student and one of the facilitators of Rhodes Must Fall, Reverend Gemma Beesley who’s commitment for the community ranges from brith to death and everything in-between,  Tess Taylor, CEO of Tap Social Movement who provides training and employment for people who’ve been involved in the criminal justice system, Abinah who is the morale officer at the social enterprise cafe Waste2Taste in Cowley, role model Dr. Clara Baker who works continually on raising LGBT+ awareness in Oxford, it’s university and beyond, Shabnam Sabir who set up The Oxford Homeless Project Oxford, Eid Extravaganza and also supports vulnerable young people at EMBS Community College, and Helen Wangui Kariuki who is a resident in the city and is representing the storyteller.

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