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Thomas Radclyffe

Thomas was assigned the story The Council For Me Is The People On The Ground.

It took me a while to decide on a direction for this image, I read the story through countless times, highlighting sections that interested me. In the end I decided to focus on the idea of ‘falling into place’, I wanted to explore an image that visually represented all these different people and things coming together to form something cohesive. 


I initially looked at puzzles as an idea, with each person being a piece of the puzzle, but couldn’t develop it to a point where I was happy - it felt a bit off. I then moved on to hierarchical structures, also mentioned in the story, and how they could work as a visual. In the end I found myself coming back to this Tetris like image. Organisational structures definitely influenced this, the clash of a traditional top down hierarchy into a smaller nimble charity.  

The image seemed to match with a few areas of the story, and worked visually. The form of Tetris means that the main structure is at the base of the image, representing the ‘people on the ground’. At the base the pieces are connected together and working as a whole, whereas the pieces above haven’t yet fallen into place. Pieces also have to be rotated and adjusted, reflecting the different roles people took on and the need for flexibility.

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Thomas Radclyffe - People On The Ground
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